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Ime Collagen Coconut Flavor (100 grams)

Collagen and coconut water. Perfume is a true friend of women.
Because collagen helps to strengthen the tissues within the cells. Flexible, making young skin without premature wrinkles, and for the coconut water, the perfume is rich. 'Phytoestrogens' or natural female hormones That is ready to adjust the balance from the inside for the ladies this time! The face is beautiful and clear. Body skin is smooth. The chest up was tight. Confident in women!
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Ime Fish Collagen Peptide
- Coconut -
New Gen Collagen Trust I Am

Everyone knows "collagen", but do you know ?!
The problem of reviewers What is collagen powder

Ime Collagen Peptide Coconut 100,000 mg.


collagen peptides are more intact. Coconut Flavor

Hydrating | Anti-aging | Delicious


** Join today to experience smooth, soft, moist, radiant skin today **

Ime Fish Collagen Peptide Coconut
愛 め フ ィ ッ シ コ ラ ゲ ン ペ プ イイド

Savor new
flair enough with traditional collagen powder. I've tried it all.

Ime, a purified fish collagen peptide dietary supplement, is unique to its flavor. Perfume Coconut
Fresh, sweet, sugar free.
Trans fats and 6 other contaminants (6-free formula),

rich in collagen peptides in powder form Imported from japan
Through the production process with the latest innovations until it becomes a collagen peptide
The tiny molecules are rich in as many as 19 amino acids, the most now!
Ready to go straight into rehabilitation, take care of your body easily and faster than ever.

Just add to any menu Helps add value to that menu Fully
Or can be eaten purely with drinking water, a refreshing coconut water. Wow!

  • The skin looks smooth, soft, moisturized.
  • The skin looks juicy, shiny, glowing aura.
  • Skin looks firmer, not sagging.
  • The skin looks full, full, strong, not sensitive.
  • The skin looks younger until everyone says hello.
  • Bones and joints feel strong

Adulthood with Ime Collagen Coconut Flavor

大人 と コ ラ ー ゲ ン

Adults need more collagen!
Because of adulthood Collagen in various parts of the body naturally decay over time. Resulting in many adults Must suffer with this kind of problem in the joints, knees, and bones! recommend! IME Collagen Peptide Coconut flavor powder Not only does it help to rejuvenate the body from the flavor of the coconuts, perfume, but also help strengthen the bones in the knee joint, say goodbye to adult problems easily with just 2 spoons a day! (10,000 mg)

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