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Ime Collagen Peptide Matcha Green Tea (100 grams)

Real Japanese Ingredients, the
only one that uses ingredients imported from Japan. Both collagen and matcha The result is different from what you have eaten before. Confidence in quality, must only Ime

Real Japanese Technology
because only natural ingredients aren't enough. We therefore choose the best production technology in Japan. In order to get better quality of texture and taste

Real Results and Clinical Study
Be confident that Ime Collagen is the collagen that you have seen. Confirmed with scientific research results From Tokyo secret university

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If you are tired of the same type of collagen powder,
why not try something new?
It will be a little 
'clear skin + beautiful body + healthy ' !

- Ime Collagen Matcha -
" Ime Matcha "

Collagen Peptide Dietary Supplement, Matcha Powder (抹茶), breaking
all the rules of conventional collagen When the classic of Japanese collagen (コ ラ ー ゲ ン)
is filled with Matcha green tea (抹茶), not only rich in collagen from Thirapia fish
Imported from Japan, 100,000 mg per pack, also adds value. Premium grade matcha powder from Japan,
giving you beautiful skin, a toned body, healthy body, good looking.
From the inside to the outside without much effort Can be like a young Japanese,

just 'tear' and 'fill'.

- Why Japanese Matcha? -
Why use matcha?

Because nowadays green tea powder in Thailand Most were harvested through the production process that
Not standard As a result, the quality of green tea powder decreases with that process. And if you don't know yet, here is the difference between General green tea and matcha

  • Japanese is called sencha or tencha.
  • Usually in the form of tea leaves or tea bags
  • Is popular among Thai people with flavors
  • Thin, clear
  • Cheaper price
  • Japanese is called matcha.
  • Usually in the form of crushed Matcha powder
  • Is really popular with Japanese people
  • Has a strong flavor Ancient
  • More expensive, with the foundation from the tea ceremony

You must know!
Japanese nutritionists have proven that drinking Matcha has the same nutritional value as eating whole tea or whole tea leaves without making a tea bag.

Knowing this
the next time, choosing Matcha is also good ^^

- Ime Collagen Matcha 3Ds - 3Ds
results with Ime

Discover amazing 3D results with the
only icon that can give you more. Collagen powder in general
with the value of collagen peptide + premium matcha
Deliver 3Ds results for you to see.

(1.) Clear skin : Make your skin feel smooth, soft, moisturized, more attractive than before.

(2.) Beautiful body : help you burn fat Slimming For a flat belly, good bye waist, Hello, Waist S

(3.) Good health : Ready to nourish the health from the inside, including bones, teeth, nails, reduce cholesterol Antioxidant

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