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Ime Collagen Peptide (100 grams)

From research reports in Tokyo In Japan in 2013, it was found thatthe hydroxyl acid content in Tilapia is higher than in other seafish such as Snapper, Pollack, Salmon.Resulting in collagen from Thirapia has the opportunity to help the absorption of collagen into the bodyIs more efficient than using general sea fish

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"Fish Collagen Peptide 100,000 mg"

コ ラ ー ゲ ン プ レ マ

"Collagen Peptide, the number one powder in the Japanese mind"
more than normal collagen is 'Pure', unlike ours.
Clear, healthy skin from the land of the rising sun.

This benefit must be ime 'Collagen IME Collagen only.

 Helps to revitalize problem skin

 Reduce wrinkles

 Helps to rejuvenate skin

 Helps to tighten the skin

 Pores look smaller.

 Nourish hair and nails

 Helps to brighten skin

 Tighten the skin

 Bone and joint maintenance

 Reduce acne , black marks, redness

Special! More than general collagen The secret recipe for more than 19 kinds


Collagen peptide from fish powder Number one in the mind of young Japanese people for many 10 years.

Collagen Ime ' enhances the absorption and creation of collagen with the amino group (Amino Group) that the body needs to use 19 types.

 Premium grade Highest quality in Japan

 Helps the skin smooth, soft, firm.

 merge premium technology pages easily dissolves quickly absorbed.

 Add moisture to the skin.

 Reduce acne , redness , black marks

 Prevent dry skin from sunlight

 19 types of amino groups added !

 Reduce scars and allow the wound to heal quickly

 Healthy skin , strong bones

 Nourish nails, nourish bones, and maintain healthy hair.

 Everybody can eat every day, every day good skin

 Build muscle And burn body fat

 Tighten pores

 Helps the face. And youthful skin

 Strengthen cells, tissues and muscles

 Reduce wrinkles, cheek grooves, under the eyes

 Strengthen brain and nerve development

 Reduce dark circles

 Add to all your favorite menus

 Help your skin radiant aura.

 Helps reduce wrinkles , crow's feet and rough skin

 Helps the skin smooth , clear.

 Face looks younger, firm, firm

Collagen Peptide Powder Number one in the Japanese mind.

No.1 No.1 ス ト セ ラ ー かか

More intense than before Collagen peptide Premium grade  5,000 mg / spoon with extra

The value of  the amino groups (Amino Group) 19  species  are rich in useful things count. 

Help strengthen development

Strengthens cells, tissues in the body and muscles, strengthens the skin. 

Ready for you to reveal new skin from the inside to the outside. Skin is smooth, soft, looks aura and healthy.

If you don't know  ' Collagen ',   be careful to talk to him about it !! !! ラ ー ゲ ゲ知 っ って 

Collagen is a type of protein found in up to 1 in 3 of
all proteins in the body. The collagen will decrease when entering the age of 20 years.

19 Amino Groups Key to Healthy Skin

健康 な 皮膚 へ の 鍵

For good health Glowing skin
Choose "Collagen Ime",

Ime collagen landslide sales Generate substantial income, quick delivery, fast delivery, daily delivery

Lovely customer review of ime 'Collagen

Alice, Pretty

Alistin feels like it. Because the skin is white and clear until noticeable. I collagen must try.

Birthmarks, Pretty

Considered great For collagen that can be sold in modern times With the benefits and price of IME Fascinate

Dew, Student

See advertisements very often Therefore decided to buy And not really disappointed because the skin is really smoother This is confirmed.

Rose, The Famous Company Secretary

I found on the internet that Ime Collagen nourishes the skin, reduces acne, reduces redness, and Rose decided to buy it.

Cake, Pretty

Work must show Therefore requiring nourishment, not just a skin cream But the cake still eats collagen everyday

Ice, MC

Who says white skin does not need nourishment Ice confirmed that it's not true. Because Ice is confident in Ice Collagen is always

Review before eating - after eating ime collagen

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